Welcome to CRONOGAME ©

CRONOGAME © is a trade mark and patented system.

CRONOGAME © is a new system to give numbers by time stamping, for all type of game or generating of code

Games of chance like lottery propose to give numbers to the player, by his own choice, or by aleatory drawing, or by definite numbers yet on a pre-printed ticket

Using the time factors, marketing games can be made under several ways.

So, CRONOGAME © System can create new games, and gives a youth to old others one.

Players like news and classicism too.

So, CRONOGAME © system can associate these two wishes


  • What guarantee 

    CRONOGAME © system is assisted and synchronised with an atomic reference clock

  • How do we play ?

    CRONOGAME © system can be associated with a computer server connected by

  • How do we make money ?

    Connexions can be by a surtaxed call number, S.M.S. and phone

  • The gains ?

    It depends of the rules of game: money, gifts, discount on purchase.