• 1. CRONOGAME © is a trade mark.
  • 2. CRONOGAME © is a patented system.
  • 3. CRONOGAME © is a new system to give numbers by time stamping, for all type of game or generating of code.

Games of chance like lottery propose to give numbers to the player, by his own choice, or by aleatory drawing, or by definite numbers yet ona pre-printed ticket.

What can propose CRONOGAME ©  system ?

  • 1. Using parameters of the time to attribute numbers to players. If a person plays at 17 h 45 mn 38 s, he'll have the number 174538. .
  • 2. CRONOGAME © System can to increase the quantity and the precision of the numbers, CRONOGAME © System has the exact time until millionth of second from an atomic clock !!!

For what kind of game CRONOGAME ©  system can worked ?

  • 1. For all types of game using drawing, gambling, lottery. The principle to definite the winners and theirs gain is absolutely independent of the way of playing. .
  • 2. So, we can adapt our system for all game rules

What guarantee ?

  • 1. CRONOGAME © system is assisted and synchronised with an atomic reference clock .
  • 2. And so, CRONOGAME © can secure and give the probity by the time ticket determining numbers.

How do we play ?

  • 1. CRONOGAME © system can be associated with a computer server connected by.
    • S.M.S. receiver,
    • Vocal server by phone line,
    • Internet,
    • Real Box, like in casino, for example.
  • 2. And so, CRONOGAME © can secure and give the probity by the time ticket determining numbers.
  • 3. By Internet or by phone : the instant can be chosen by the player using the keyboard
  • 4. In Casino : the player chooses himself his instant

How do we make money ?

  • 1. Connexions can be by a surtaxed call number, S.M.S. and phone.
  • 2. Payment from Internet's provider.
  • 3. In casino, directly by coins

The gains ?

  • 1. It depends of the rules of game: money, gifts, discount on purchase.
  • 2. All is possible, it's absolutely independent of our system.
  • 3. We can make a database of all players.

How do players know their winning ?

  • 1. S.M.S. : a SMS message is replied to the player with: the SMS's receipt time, and so his game number, and so, if he has won, or not.In case of win, he must reply sending his name and his personal details.
  • 2. Internet : Same way but by e-mail.
  • 3. Phone : the vocal server gives the time number.
  • 4. Casino : the player knows, at once, watching on the machine's screen , his playing time, and if he has won, or not.

The new Way, the marketing ?

  • 1. There are many lotteries over the world and no-one uses TIME's parameters. .
  • 2. Hi-Tech aspect using the precision of an atomic clock .
  • 3. It's the birth for NEW PARAMETERS to play.
  • 4. Publicity and communication slogans with TIME can be like this
    • Choose your lucky instant,
    • Choose your happiness Moment
    • Now, TIME is really Money !
    • Don't loose your time: WIN IT !

Fate, the more ?

  • 1. Fate notion is acceptable to give numbers. In fact, if we can definite time until the millionth second, we can think the moment is chosen by the wish of the player, but the TIME instant given with this precision, is under an hazardous way. Connexions time, or the feeling of the player, are never the same.


  • 1. CRONOGAME © system can make dexterity game too
  • 2. CRONOGAME © system does not use algorithms and so, it can give the most probity with a random computer system


  • 1. Using the time factors, marketing games can be made under several ways. So, CRONOGAME © System can create new games, and gives a youth to old others one.
  • 2. Players like news, and classicism too. CRONOGAME © system can associate these two wishes.
  • 3. SMS market is exponential, actually. Games by SMS are asked by people.
  • 4. CRONOGAME © system is interesting: player can play and know if he has won, in one minute ! .
  • 5. People lives and wants all, at once.
  • 6. When a person is waiting for something, he can play with his mobile phone at gambling.
  • 7. The juridical « plus » is the mix of the time parameter with the Fate notion. We can have new legal possibilities for games.